B – Welcomed

This blog is pretty much my:

Moments, Musings & Mouthings

Moments that matter * Things that Muse, amuse or Move me
* meanderings or Mouthings (or a running off of the mouth)
This blog was moved here recently from formerly: dahnidaily.dahni.com I may not write here every day, but I will be here a lot. If you love to read then I am here to serve up a heaping helping of your dahni daily. If you have any questions or want to make a comment, please do so.I suppose there is some truth to that a writer writes and cares about what others think, but this is more than that. Writing to me is just like breathing. I engage in theses both as they are necessary. Like breathing, I don’t think about writing, I just do it. If what you read makes some small difference in your moment, your day or your life – VERY COOL!Love Yah,Dahni

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