Rhyme Another Summer Afternoon

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Comptine d’un autre été, l’après-midi

(Rhyme another summer afternoon)

by Dahni

a pory (poem + story)

Along the banks of the Arno river in Pisa, Italy
A poor man of Lebanon named Khalil, “friend” in Arabic
Was hungry, for more than just some cheese, and bread and drink
More than, for a place to sleep
But to play his love
And live to love his play

He, with just an old violin kept with care and tune
His worn case open with hope to receive the gifts of coins

A busker

And there he played a French song
A hauntingly beautiful sounding prayer
For passersby to answer with their coins
But passed him by they did, as if they could not hear

But there was something more, he did not expect

A young and beautiful Hebrew woman, Yalissa, “a beautiful flower”
An old soul that wore tears upon her lips
Deep the passion in her eyes with but a glimmer of light
Of hope
To dance her love
And live to love her dance

Barefoot with no ballet slippers could she afford
No pedigree or connection
For formal training to make her a prima ballerina

A danseuses

Just a danseuses with a dream
But the music drew her feet
Despite the shyness she forgot
She danced

But there was something more, she did not expect

I like to i-magine the pory, behind what my heart sees

The people stopped and traffic halted
The river stopped its running
The birds hushed to watch
And sound went silent
Save for the music of the dance
And the dance of the music
And the people held their breath
And tossed their paper coins
Into the violinist’s heart
And into the dancer’s heart
And the people found joy
And music found his dance
And dance found her music
Khalil’s and Yalissa’s couplet to—

Comptine d’un autre été, l’après-midi
(Rhyme another summer afternoon)

© 2000-2016
from the collection: WONDER
by the same author


Notes: Comptine d’un autre été, l’après-midi is a song written by French musician and composer Yann Tierson. It is featured in the lovely French movie, Amélie in 2001.

busker (noun) busk, probably from Italian buscare to procure, gain, from Spanish buscar,
to look for.

danseuses (noun) French, for a female dancer

pory (noun) poem + story pronounced (pour + ee). – A story told by poetic means. i.e. “Who knows how long this pory will last?” The word “pory” © 2003 – 2016 from: Dahni’s New Word Dictionary “A heaping helping of made up words” 2nd Millennium edition


~ by Dahni on June 22, 2016.

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