Goodnight Winking Moon

by Dahni © 2015, all rights reserved


Goodnight winking moon

I notice you there, not because you are the brightest light

in this first night of summer, but because you’re closer

and appear bigger

than all many stars and planets and configurations and lit heavenly or celestial bodies

in this cool breezing marvel-ling even

and your wink is part, congratulatory unspoken words

that I have lived yet, another day,

but there’s something more you’re knowing

reflecting the promise that another day is coming

and is on its way

and for now, you guard and protect and rule the night

a nightlight for the sleeping

But I cannot understand why each of us under your selfsame congratulatory, promising and watchful eye

are not permeated with the same warm inside/outside glow of peace as I,

perhaps it is cloudy where they are?


not looking up, but—

Goodnight winking Moon



~ by Dahni on June 21, 2015.

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