The Candle and the Mirror

It is said that to sing or play the Blues, one has had to have them. To be a poet, one has had, to have gone to hell, at least once. I make no claim that I can sing or play the Blues or that I am a poet. Let the “wick of my words”  illuminate for you, who I am.

by Dahni
© 2015, all rights reserved


I already dwelled among the shadows of

be this, do that, come here; go there

for if I was truly living, I would have never sought –

something more


Hiding still among the shadows

those safe places, for they were all I knew

staring at the light from afar

and from afar, it blinded me and burnt my eyes and melted my flesh


So then I decided to descend

down into the ninth circle of Dante’s Inferno,

for I already dwell in the shadows

and there stripped, bare and naked

there was no light, no warmth, no love, no hope

only what I brought with me that was in me

and there a mirror appeared


A mirror not the kind where coiffed and dressed and smiling in my very best

reflects not who I am, but who I thought to be or think I should become

me there, dwelling among the shadows

hiding from the light and from myself

but it was a mirror, polished of perfected glass

that showed me my real self

and there I saw not the horror of my imperfect, fragile, finite self,

but I saw there freedom –


Free as the waves crash upon a shore

free as the gulls fly overhead

   within the seemingly infinite blue

free as the nightingale sings

free as the butterflies dance

free as the hummingbirds float above gravity

free as the bees draw nectar

free as the rain falls, the creeks fill to flow over –


Free as the rivers overflow and return to the sea

free as the flowers kissed by the sun, fill with nectar and feed the earth

free as even the sun, where she comes to draw her own radiant and living, life-water

free with all I could imagine and dream of

free though I could not, cannot; shall not ever imagine or dream

free above and beyond all space and time and the bounds of impossible


This freedom is,

   without length or breadth, depths or heights – limitless

and in that dark, I light the wick of words

and there, I live in the light of my own candle

and before this mirror, I see who I am


free by poetry




© 2015
from the collection: G2H
by the same author

~ by Dahni on January 16, 2015.

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