Famous Tweeters

by Dahni

© Copyright 7/13/09

all rights reserved

Have you ever heard or read, There is nothing new under the sun?”

Nothing could be truer said, especially with regards to Twitter and Tweets. Many famous people have been Tweeting, years ago.

Descartes the famous philosopher often Tweeted among friends.


William Shakespeare, playwright and poet, compiled many of his Tweets and they became some of his most famous sonnets.


And then, who can forget the great genius and mathematician, Albert Einstein? He invented Tweeting!


Of course, there were those familiar sayings coined in the 60’s like: “Tweet On,” “Up with Tweets,” and “Power to the Tweeters,” among many others.

Speaking of the 60’s, remember the Beatles song, also sung by Joe Cocker,I get by with a little Tweet from my friends.” Or does this bring back memories, Jimmy Buffet, Wasting away in Tweeterville?”

Surely you remember the Walt Disney characters, Tweet-L-D and Tweet-L-Dum?


Everyone is getting into the whole Tweeter Nation now and that includes MasterCard® Just yesterday (I might have seen the following):

New Blackberry® phone – $489.00

New Apple® iPhone – $678.00

Twitter – N/C

Tweets –


I leave you with this one final thought-

Tweet, It’s not just for Breakfast Anymore!” 🙂



~ by Dahni on July 13, 2009.

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