By Dahni

© Copyright 6/4/09

all rights reserved


”I’m Twitter-pated”



I am excited about Twitter.

“How Tweet it is!

–Jackie Gleason-

It seems like we’ve become a Twitter-nation. With so many tweeters, it’s almost next to impossible to find yourself or to be found. After awhile, we all start to look the same. Is this bath night? Breath mint anyone? Gotta go, Tweet me.


A sea of endless Tweeters

What must we do to stand out from the rest of the crowd?


March to the ‘tweet’ of a different drum

And the Twitter phenomenon is not just here, it’s gone global.



Twitter is a great way to make contact with others. Some may not appreciate the 140 character maximum to send a ‘Tweet,’ but personally, I love the brevity. There are a lot of tips and tricks, images, widgets, and even books to purchase for all Twitters that want their tweets to be really tweet, I mean sweet. If you have a really long URL and no room to post your tweet, check out these FREE sites:


As ‘cool’ as Twitter is, it’s not without some potential problems. It seems like so many are ‘following’ others and so many others may be ‘following’ you. Some use programs, applications, widgets and software to get followers. Others pay to get followers or solicit you to pay them to get followers. Some have others tweet for them or set up an account, just to see if they can get enough followers, to make it worth their while to tweet.

I follow people I know; people that I like; people that I am interested in and those whose content I find useful. Then, there are others that I don’t particularly care for, but I want or need to know, what they are up to. I would like to think that this all means that I check in with those I follow on a regular basis; send them direct messages or reply to their tweets because, I have read them. Come on, people that follow 1,000’s of others (+ more), who is kidding who? Do you really check in, reply to their tweets or send them direct messages regularly? Maybe you have one of those software/widget thingies that I call Automatic Tweeters? Come on, 1,000’s of followers? Does  this not sound like a big ego or low self-esteem? If it is legit, I guess you need your own Twitter Response Team, just to keep up with all your Tweets.

Well, here we are in Tweetsville or Tweettown, all tweeting up a storm with our tweets.


Here we are? Who Are We? Are we really here?

In the image above, we are all sitting in some Twitter-cafe or Tweet-theater, holding up pictures of ourselves. But they may or may not be who we really are. And our names might be real or made up or we are actually using our not-real names as our user names like, I am Not Dahni. or Not the Real Dahni etc. Some are not even here, but who would know this? They are having someone tweet for them or they are sending in their tweets by phone, but their real or not-real pictures are siting on empty seats.

Yes, we have these little icons to represent us. Some have a profile and others do not. Some have masked or hidden the names of their web sites and if you click on the links, you just might find yourself inside an adult content site, with nude pictures. Ahhhhhh for some and oooooops for others, I guess.

Perhaps you are famous or a person of note and want your privacy and don’t want people to stalk you? Well, didn’t all of us go ‘public,’ the moment we walked out of our private lives and into a public forum? Hey, if we don’t want others snooping around, we can always block them or just stay home. And this would mean that the Blackberries, iPhones, other phones and our pooters’ are OFF.

With the popularity of Twitter exploding, there are other things we need to be aware of.


Hackers – Spammers – Vultures

(poor little helpless Tweeter)

Note: Isn’t spam, hacking, solicitation and even people bugging us, the price we pay for FREE? And language? Whew – hashmarks, abbreviations, code and so forth? Is this really a language? I am starting to hear people speak in Twitter-speak too. Soon, maybe our official languages will reflect this? I can’t wait for the signs posted outside of shops to read:

Twitter-speak spoken here.” 🙂

It seems to me that the Twitter bird is the Blue Bird of Hapiness? Are other birds allowed, say like a woodpecker? By the way, have you ever wondered if a woodpecker ever gets a migraine headache? Hmmmm?

TwitterBirdFor me, I am what I am, and what you see is what you get. I am really Dahni. Dahni1 on Twitter. Yep, I’m a Twitter and a Tweeter, because to me, this is more than another social network thingy. It’s a great way to Tweet to others quickly, about something fun, cool, and informative or to provide links to some beneficial content. Lickety-split too! It’s an art form!

Follow me if you’d like, but realize that I might not lead. Try to lead me, but I just might not follow. Why not walk beside me and be my tweety-friend!

Please never drive while Tweeting and Tweet responsibly. 🙂

Thank you for listening. You may now return to your regularly scheduled tweeting program.

Tweet – Tweet – Tweet!

Tweet on,




~ by Dahni on June 4, 2009.

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