In Her Eyes


In Her Eyes © Copyright 2009 by Dahni & I-Magine


How Can We Know

by Dahni

We mere mortal men – proud and upright;
with our bow stretched taut
and a quiver of arrows
in hunt and search for prey,
find our hearts cornered and captured
by a goddess.

How can we know,
the blood red thoughts of her heart?

We take a cup of courage to our lips,
but dare not ask,
for fear of being stricken down.
We take yet another cup of courage
to our lips,
but dare not ask,
for our words could be slurred by the cups of courage;
and fear her words could be feigned.
How can we know?

Some the heart – worn upon the sleeve.
Some the heart – penned upon parchment,
heard with the ears;
spoken with the lips;
read with the eyes.
How can we know – deaf, mute and blinded?

How can we know?

How is it that we look, but cannot see?
Our eyes clouded with tears of hope,
haze our own arrow lodged there.

How can we know?

The contents of a woman’s heart,
is in her eyes,
for there she is loved
and is in love.

From the collection: ‘Full Measure’ © 2009 by the same author


~ by Dahni on April 2, 2009.

One Response to “In Her Eyes”

  1. How beautiful is your heart when ‘penned upon parchment’,
    hidden behind hammers, rugs and kitchen floors;
    nearly spent in blogs, webs and gigabytes.
    You always prove there is so much more.

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