Angry Artists?

© 05/05/08

By Dahni

I know, I haven’t posted here in awhile. My other blog at seems to be more of a daily post than this one at DahniDaily. Oh, well. Moving on…

…I heard the following recently on a soap opera of all places and it certainly must be true. 🙂

I know what you are thinking, “What is Dahni doing watching a soap opera?” Would you believe skimming through channels and this particular show was being filmed at an art museum. Well it’s true.

The actors were in LA and and taking a tour of a very famous modern art museum. There was predominantly one artist being featured. The male actor turned to the female actor and said in sum and substance the following:

“Anger can be a good thing, it drives you.

I think a lot of artists are angry and

out of that anger they create something.”

My response? Thank you for asking.

1. First, stick to what you know (writers and actors)

2. Angry artists creating what? Hmmm pissed off art?

Cool, just what I want, to be Angry when I look at something some Angry artist made when they were Angry. NOPE!

Sure, we all need to vent, but either get it resolved before you do your art thing or resolve it clearly in your art so everyone can understand and are influenced to change for the better. Otherwise, don’t share your angry day, your angry moment, and your angry art with me or anyone else! Piss on me once and shame on you. Piss on me twice or more and I need to get the hell away from you, but you Angry artist person, just need to piss off!

Oh, and I could care less how many museums your Angry crap is in or how much Angry money you make or how many stupid art critics you have in your Angry corner.

I do care however, how many people are Angry because, your Angry BS is making their homes and businesses Angry! Hmmm, garbage in = ?

Try making someone happy or do something good for someone. There are no brains, talent “creativity,” or art involved with being angry. Most of us get like this regularly. Show us something different.

Love Yah,



~ by Dahni on April 5, 2008.

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